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Cycling Gloves Haven SOLAR – Short – Enables to Sun tan Your Hands Smoothly – Durable, Light, Comfortable with Effective Pull-off System (White, Medium)

SOLAR Cycling Gloves Haven: SPECIAL FEATURES, SUPER QUALITY, MODERN DESIGN! Do you have white, pale hands compared to your tanned, brown arms? Never more with SOLAR Gloves Haven, which are unique because they allow you to tan through the glove. Available in red, black, white, or green, these S to XXL sized gloves are available in fingerless and long styles, and are made from lightweight yet durable material. The ergonomic design makes them easy to take off, and they feature quality gel pockets and a ventilation channel for added comfort. Another feature is the durable, tough mesh between the thumb and forefinger. Using your cell phone while wearing the gloves is not a problem. So, if you’re looking for the best quality cycling gloves that allow you to tan while riding, there’s only one choice: SOLAR Gloves Haven. Click the Buy Button at the Top of this Page to have the perfect ride Now!

FIRELION Outdoor Full finger Gel Touch Screen Cycling Gloves Biking Mountain Bike Bicycle MTB DH Downhill Off Road Glove

FIRELION PALM FIRELION Gel padding provides maximum comfort and coverage with minimal fatigue in a long finger glove. Plus, touch screen friendly FIRELION technology allows for convenient use of mobile devices without removing gloves. Features:  FIRELION TOUCH SCREEN GEL LONG FINGER GLOVES FIRELION technology relieves pressure on the ulnar nerve and reduces hand numbness FIRELION touch screen compatible Soft, FIRELION Gel foam padding across palm pressure zones enhances hand comfort Reinforced Micromatrix synthetic leather palm is supple and durable Soft, absorbent thumb for brushing away sweat Specifications:  Material: 65% Nylon + 14% Polyurethane + 9% Cotton + 6% Chloroprene + 5% Spandex + 1% Polyester Size:  M: 8cm–9cm, L: 9cm-10cm, XL: 10cm-11cm; XXL:11-12cm M: 3.1-3.5 IN; L: 3.5-3.9 IN; XL: 3.9-4.3 IN; XXL: 4.3-4.7 IN Notice: Machine Wash Cold; Use Mild Soap; Do not bleach line dry; Do not store damp; Do not iron; Do not dry clean Package includes:  – 1 pair bike glove