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2XU Compression Recovery Arm Sleeves

With Graduated Compression Engineering to promote increased circulation, the 2XU Compression Arm Sleeves help reduce pooling and “arm pump” in the forearms, support key muscle groups and the elbow joint while helping circulation through the fingertips. Great for all activities including Running, Ball and Racquet Sports, Lifting, Crossfit, Cycling and Motocross. Sold in Pairs.

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How It Works Our cycling knickers’ aesthetic design has distinct differences compared to other bicycle pants out there in the market. Designed with a high elastic and breathable material, our cycling pants shape nicely to your thighs for full range motion and fit comfortably on your skin. This enhances your movement during exercises and provides maximum comfort while you are wearing. One Product Does It All 4ucycling’s women bicycle pants has so many features and benefits which will make your purchase a worthwhile and lasting one. It helps to generate muscle support, fight muscle fatigue, and keep your tights firm. Its durability is able to withstand any scratches or knocks and it does not get wet easily too. Cushions Hip With Comfortable Support Our 3D padded cushion is designed to fit specially for each individual. The foam in the cushion molds your hip so that you feel more comfortable wearing them after each time. Moreover, it is well constructed to give full protection and comfort to your hips so that it relieves any hip pain and reduces stress on the hips while sitting on the bicycle seat for too long. 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee We promise that our women bicycle pants will be one of the best sportswear products you’ve used for your daily outdoor activities, travel, and competitions. If you don’t love the results, we’ll give you a full refund without a doubt. Order right now – don’t wait because you’ll be missing out the best comfortable cycling pants ever made.